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Our Learners page provides you with all relevant links and information to assist you throughout the process of booking and attending a course with us.

Click on the collapsible panels below for a list of documents relevant to our courses. 

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About Us

Please refer to our Student Handbook for all learner obligations and our terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us prior to booking a course: admin@cprfirstaid.com.au

All learners are required to complete pre-course online theory before attending the class.  The only exception is the full length 3-hour CPR course which does not require theory completion.  Please check your booking information to be sure of the theory requirements.

The Theory Portal can only be accessed by clicking on the link in your original booking confirmation email (step 2).  You must complete the personal information required for government collection purposes before being allowed access to the portal.  Should you lose access throughout completion just click on the link in your email and skip through collection data pages to gain access again to the theory portal.

If you have any problems please contact us.

Please note:  there are no password access logins to our theory portal, so if you are seeing this page you must go back to your email and click on the link to gain access.


We have provided copies of our course workbooks below for our learners to access and refer to after they have completed our online theory portal.

Defibrillator Products

Authorised Distributor of the HeartSine Defibrillator products (distributor no. 2153)
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See our Products page for all first aid kits and prices

If you are experiencing technical issues please call us during office hours on 1300 642 427

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