Course in first aid management of anaphylaxis

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About the course

Anaphylaxis management training is an accredited training that includes information about allergies and anaphylaxis, recognising signs and symptoms, managing and treating an allergic reaction (including administration of an EpiPen® and the Anapen®) and minimising the risk of exposure to allergens in children’s services.

The course on offer, First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis (22099VIC, formerly known as 21659VIC), is recognised by the Victorian Government for the purpose of the Children’s Services Regulations 1998. The statement of results indicate that units VU20296- Provide first aid management of severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis and  VU20297 - Develop risk minimisation and management strategies for allergic reaction and anaphylaxis, have been completed.

The course costs $50.00 per participant and runs for 1.5 hours, plus 1.5 hour online study and assessment, generally on an afternoon after the level 2 first aid course.


If you would like to enrol into a class, please select a date from our training calendar to commence the enrolment process.  Once you have selected a class date & location, you will need to enter your name, birthdate and contact details. 

You will have the option of making payment with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or requesting an invoice to be made to your employer.  Note: credit card payment will attract a signficant discount.

A confirmation email will be emailed to you.  This email carries important information on your practical session and your compulsory on-line study.


You must complete the on-line study prior to attending the single 3-hour practical session.

Students who cannot show proof that they have completed the on-line study or pdf workbook on the day of the practical training won't be admitted into the class as this is a requirement of the course.

In the classroom, you will need to complete and be assessed as competent in (a) theory test and (b) practical exercises.

Literacy and Numeracy Testing

At the start of the class, all participants will be undergo a short test to make sure that they can comprehend and speak in English in the class.

Participants who cannot pass the short test will be asked to leave the training room and call the office for assistance.


Students have the right to complain about the performance of our administration services or trainers behaviour.

Students have the right to appeal the assessment made by a trainer.

You can view our Complaints & Appeals policy here.


Punctuality.  You must arrive at the training room at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class time to complete enrolment paperwork.  Also, at the completion of any breaks, you must return to the classroom before training recommences otherwise you will not be permitted to resume training.

Note: Late arrivals from class start time or from breaks will not be admitted into the class.


We recommend that this qualification is renewed every three (3) years from the date of issue.

You can also combine your asthma training course with either anaphylaxis or CPR training. Call our office for more information.

CPR First Aid is unable to refund you of your course fees if:

- You change your mind due to any reason;

- You had to leave the class and cannot complete the course due to any reason;

- You were late for a class and your trainer did not allow you to attend the session; and/or

- You did not show proof that you've completed the pre-study component and your trainer did not let you into the class.

The Terms & Conditions for purchasing our courses can be viewed here.

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